Q: Is Computer Use Bad For My Eyes?

A: No, using computers or any kind of near work will not cause your eyes to go bad. What computer use will do, however, is make any uncorrected visual problems become more apparent. When we work at a computer we typically don’t change our point of gaze for possibly hours.  Before computers were such an integral part of the office workplace we would experience intermittent visual breaks in our focus that gave our eyes a break by turning the page, going to the file cabinet or grabbing another document, etc. With computers everything we need is on the screen. When we finish one task the next is available on the computer. Our gaze rarely strays from the monitor. Even when we take a mental break, we still take that break looking at our monitor checking personal email, youtube etc.

How do we prevent visual strain at the computer? The first is to set up your workstation for enhanced visual ergonomics Take occasional breaks from looking at the monitor, once an hour is recommended. If it has been over a year since your last eye exam often a change in glasses is all that is needed.

6 responses to “Q: Is Computer Use Bad For My Eyes?

  1. Laser Eye Surgery Halifax

    I am surprised your article didnt mention computer glasses. Computer glasses also help. I got some prescribed for me and they are designed to help focus up close and reduce eye strain. I recommend them.

  2. I completely agree, computer glasses are a huge help for improving a patient’s functionality at their computer workstation. The Visual Ergonomics link in the main article talks about using computer glasses to alleviate asthenopia or eye strain at the computer. I have also included the link again at the beginning of this comment. Thanks for the comments.

  3. I had laser surgery 10 years ago and since my new job it seems my vision has gone down will computer glasses help with this?

    • Yes, you will very likely find computer glasses helpful. A lot more information is available in this post about computer glasses. Most patients find computer glasses beneficial, especially as we get into our late forties and early fifties.

  4. I came on here because my mother in law told me that her Eye doctor said that being on the computer too much can damage your vision. haha I’m hoping she was just trying to hint at something and that her eye doctor didn’t actually say that.

  5. Hi I’ve been in the computer for the last 3 days with no breaks and don’t experiancr any problems I don’t take breaks at all I have had glasses for the last 5 years and I dident have a computer At all but new how to work one and stuff and my vision just went bad I dident watch tv eather I just went outside so your telling me computer make my eyes bad when my vision hasn’t changed

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