Invisible Illness: Searching for a Cure

2 responses to “Invisible Illness: Searching for a Cure

  1. Hi Dr. Diana,

    I’ve seen your videos on YouTube! What a small world! I love your personality, even if I’m not the typical EDS patient you discuss. I didn’t know your last name, so had no idea–just saw Ehlers-Danlos in the categories and presto! Nice to know you and your husband. I just found you both as the other post I commented on (about scleral lenses) was reblogged on a site I follow (keratoconusGB–but I’m in the SW of the US). FYI, I was misdiagnosed with fibro for 12 yrs. I fought for a new Dx to no avail until I got KC at 37 and did my research. I have EDS, Type II and a bit of vascular overlap, but negative for VEDS. Can you believe they just kept calling me a fibromyalgic? I blog on KC and EDS as one led to the other. That’s me–all acronyms!

    Take care and best of luck with your EDS and videos (and on and on),
    Alisa 🙂