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Patient Reports Great Results Latisse™

A patient stopped by the office today to show me her new eyelashes.  I must say they were quite impressive, and more importantly ….. she loves them.  Before we started her on Latisse™ four months ago her eyelashes were short, thin and intermittent.  Well, no longer they now look great.  She had to cut back on the Latisse™ from every night to 3 or 4 nights a week, because they were too long!

Gorgeous Eyelashes are Only a Drop Away

Before Latisse and after 16 weeks

Available Now at Total Eye Care, a Non Surgical Treatment for Beautiful Eyelashes.

Latisse™ is a prescription medication that makes your very own lashes longer, thicker and fuller.   Latisse™ is 0.03% Bimatoprost, which is the same active ingredient as Allergan’s glaucoma medication, Lumigan™.   Doctors found that one of the side effects of Lumigan™ was an increase in the darkness, thickness, length and number of eyelashes.  Lumigan™, a prescription eye medication not a cosmetic, grew impressive eyelashes in men and women alike.

Originally, Latisse™ was intended to be used in the treatment of hypotrichosis (the medical term for inadequate or insufficient eyelashes) in cancer patients that had lost their eyelashes while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, but has now been approved by the FDA as an eyelash beautifier.

Visit the Total Eye Care Latisse™ Information Center for more before and after photos and links to schedule a consultation to see if Latisse™ is right for you.