Daily Archives: February 20, 2008

Some Optical Illusions Today

We have some fun stuff today. Here is an optical illusion. there is a face in this picture. It’s hard to find, but once you find it you can’t look at the picture without seeing the face. Give up? Hint below.

Face in Beans

Hint – Look near the bottom just left of the center line.

Here is a link to some more optical illusions from the same website.

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Q: I keep getting these bumps on my eyelids. I’ve been told they are styes, but why do they keep coming back?

A: Styes are red, painful bumps on the eyelid and are chronic problems for many patients.  Styes are caused when the glands along the lid margin become clogged and infected, much like a pimple on our face.  Some patients are more susceptible to the recurrence of styes because they may have blepharitis, a common lid condition.

If you notice a small lump on your eyelid it is best to see your eye doctor as soon as possible.  The longer the treatment is delayed the longer it will take to resolve it and the more painful it becomes.  If a stye is not treated promptly or is very large a lump may remain.  These lumps (the medical term is chalazion) can be left alone or they may be removed surgically for aesthetic reasons.

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