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Doc, What Do Floaters Look Like

Today was floater day in the office. The most common questions today were all about floaters. The questions were centered around what do they look like, how do they start and what causes them. Not long ago I published in … Continue reading

The Facts on Flashes and Floaters

Floaters are very common and can be a very scary symptom.  Here is an article I wrote last month for EzineArticles that answers patients’ most common questions about floaters and floaters. Flashes and Floaters – Get the Facts on This … Continue reading

Q: I Have Been Seeing Spots Before My Eyes for About a Week, is This Serious?

A: Generally, seeing spots or “floaters” in you vision is a harmless, but annoying condition caused by particles of natural materials floating in the jelly-like fluid in the back chamber of your eye. These spots are more common with age … Continue reading