Doc, What Do Floaters Look Like

Today was floater day in the office. The most common questions today were all about floaters. The questions were centered around what do they look like, how do they start and what causes them. Not long ago I published in The Eye Doc blog an article about floaters but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. While researching for a future article I came across a very realistic video that does a good job simulating what floaters look like. By the way, most people have some floaters but not everyone has seen their floaters (and some people wish they had never seen their floaters).

If you want to see your floaters look up at the sky on an overcast day or at an evenly illuminated wall and you will most likely see those wispy cobwebs float by your vision. Check out the video below for a good representation of what a floater looks like. Most people don’t have as many floaters as is shown in the video but you’ll get the idea. If you want to learn more about floaters check out these articles I’ve written about them.

4 responses to “Doc, What Do Floaters Look Like

  1. is that video a eye imaginations video? do you know where we can get some good videos to run on loop in the office for free?

  2. Nice to show everyone what it is all about

  3. We use the eyemaginations videos to show the patient what is happening with the anatomy of the eye and how it effects vision. With floaters, it seems to calm fears/emphasize the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams by an independent eye doctor. This video is really nice, but I do like being able to show the anatomy also.