ICE Could Save Your Life

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. I came across this a couple of days ago and remembered that I had done this to my phone and my wife’s phone some time ago and thought this information was worth sharing.Click to go to the ICE Sticker website

First a little background on ICE. A campaign was started by Bob Brotchie, and Vodafone in May of 2005, only a few months prior to the London terrorist attack. During the terrorist incident paramedics found that they had no way of getting in touch with some of the victim’s families. It was after this that the campaign really started to gain momentum.

To participate in the ICE program all you need to do is enter the contact information in the address book of your phone with ICE or ICE-Person’s name being listed as the last name. I also placed “in case of emergency” in the company name and my relationship to my contact in the title field.

You can add additional contacts as ICE2, ICE3 etc. I have listed my contacts twice, with one of the listings being with a space before ICE so it shows up first in your address book. I would also recommend making a category called emergency and associating the listings with that category. Don’t forget to tell your contact person that you have listed them in your phone.

Next it’s recommended to place a sticker on your phone so that a firefighter, policeman, paramedic or other first responder will know that your phone contains emergency contact information that is easy to find.

For more information on the ICE program or if you don’t want to make a sticker yourself you can get some great stickers and more information from

For the month of March Total Eye Care will be offering free ICE stickers at both our Colleyville and Keller Offices.

Monday I’ll get back to some eye care related posts and answer some patient questions.

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