My Child Sees Fine – Why Does She Need an Eye Exam

As parents we often think that our son or daughter has good vision and therefore does not need an eye exam.  Common misperceptions of why eye exams in children are not important include, my son doesn’t complain of blurry vision, my child’s grades are good, or the parents have good vision therefore the kids probably do too.

School screening don’t qualify as an eye exam.  While an essential part of protecting the visual and physical health of our children, school screenings were never intended to replace a professional eye exam.  School screenings prevent children from “falling between the cracks” and are best used to supplement regular eye care.  Read more about safeguarding our children’s vision.

5 responses to “My Child Sees Fine – Why Does She Need an Eye Exam

  1. This is completely true — I vividly remember doing badly in school for several months as a kid because my vision was bad but I didn’t know any better. I was embarrassed to be doing badly, but it never crossed my mind that it was because of my vision.

  2. LasikLisaColumbus

    I couldn’t see my notes until I got lasik. I would still try to take notes and study, but it’s really hard when you can’t see. I agree that eye exams are very important from a young age. Great blog! I’ll keep reading 🙂

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  4. Good post. Some parents don’t realize that children eye exams every year are so vital. Some children do not realize their eye sight is distorted, so they end up making their sight worse. I can remember in the 7th grade not being able to see the overhead projector clearly, so I asked my teacher to adjust it. All of the other kids in the class could see the material fine. I went down the contacts route since I was older.

  5. Your doctor will examine you and determine if your eyes are healthy. They will also determine what is causing your symptoms. Dozens of tests are available, depending on your needs. So, if you want to protect your vision and prevent various uncomfortable conditions, make sure you visit an eye doctor periodically.