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New Dry Eye Medication in Late Clinical Trials

Dry eyeInspire Pharmaceuticals announced that it has enrolled 450 patients in phase 3 of a clinical study that will compare the effectiveness of a new prescription medication in the treatment of dry eye syndrome.  At this time it is expected that the new medication, diquafosol tetrasodium ophthalmic solution 2%, will be marketed under the trade name, Prolacria.  Now that enrollment for phase three of the clinical trials has completed Inspire Pharmaceuticals expects to have results available in the first quarter of 2010.  The clinical trial will compare Prolacria with a placebo over a 6 week period.

This is great news for our patients that suffer from dry eye syndrome.  Rest assured that as soon as it is available we will let all of our readers know.

This great image of the dry eye is courtesy of Flicker user Sadisto’s, CC.