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Replace Your Scratched Rudy Project Lenses

Replacing your old scratched Rudy Lenses with the Rudy Project Replacement Lens Guarantee

Rudy Project LogoI love my Rudy’s and have replaced my scratched lenses on each pair due to scratches.  This is a great benefit.  Rudy Project sunglasses are great for athletes and the casual wearer alike.  Here is how to get your lenses replaces directly from Rudy Project.

The RLG covers all lens damage (e.g., scratching) from use or activity on all RP Optic Lenses made by Rudy Project and on products that are in the current year’s Product Catalog. RX or prescription lenses are not covered.  Through Rudy Project® North America’s Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG), consumers can opt to replace scratched lenses for a nominal processing fee ($19.95) directly through Rudy Project North America. You have to send them your old lenses qualify for the Replacement Lens Guarantee. To expedite your order tell them the name and/or model number of the sunglasses. Don’t forget to include your name and return address in addition to an email address.

To have your lenses replaced under our replacement lens guarantee, please send your lenses and a credit card number or check for $19.95 ($24.95 for Canadian customers) made out to Rudy Project North America to:

Rudy Project North America
Attn: Replacement Lens Guarantee
1015 Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673