Why Should Contact Lens Wearers Have Backup Glasses?

Almost all contact lens wearers feel like “I wear contacts because I don’t like glasses”. That begs the question why is it important for everyone to have backup glasses? The simple answer is that your eyes need a break. The incidence of eye infections in contact lens wearers is much lower for patients that have an adequate backup pair of glasses.

A contact lens wearer that lacks a pair of backup glasses will have to wear their contacts when their eyes are irritated. By continuing to wear the contacts the eyes never have a chance to recover. Most contact lens related eye irritations will resolve in less than a day if the contacts are not worn. If your eye is not back to 100% within one day you should be seen by our office.

So what criterion qualifies for making an adequate pair of backup glasses? Here is what I think is important.

  • The frame and lens styles are not so out of date that you don’t mind being
    seen in public wearing them
  • You can see well enough to pass your driver’s test (20/30 or better), and last but
    not least, the most important one……….
  • You can find them

At Total Eye Care we feel it is important to have a backup pair of glasses, therefore, when purchased at time of a contact lens evaluation, a complete pair of glasses starts at $99.

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5 responses to “Why Should Contact Lens Wearers Have Backup Glasses?

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  3. I believe that the eye plays a very important role and one of the most active or busy human organ… and getting enough rest is really very important to recharge from stress. Wearing contact lenses is also very useful especially for those who have eye problems but I agree that our eyes should have a break to.. Relax in short.

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