Computer Vision Syndrome Highlighted in The Wall Street Journal

As our population ages and we all spend more time staring at computers, cell phones and the like, computer vision syndrome becomes more of a problem.  In today’s lifestyle section of The Wall Street Journal there is a good article on computer vision syndrome entitled Becoming a Squinter Nation.  We have covered CVS on The Eye Doc Blog as well. A complete list of all of our Computer Vision articles is available via the computer vision tag.

Setting up your computer workstation to minimize the effects of computer vision syndrome is very helpful. For more information for tips on how to do this see our article on Visual Ergonomics – Setting up Your computer Workstation for Maximum Visual Comfort at

3 responses to “Computer Vision Syndrome Highlighted in The Wall Street Journal

  1. I’m wearing contact lenses to improve my vision. I started noticing my blurred vision when I experienced frequent headaches. My optician said it was caused by sitting for long hours near the television and by frequent use of the computer. He suggested that for further examination, I should see an optometrist in Indianapolis. Just a few hours’ drive to Franklin, I visited the clinic and my eyes were examined. I was recommended to have customized contact lenses fitting for my poor eyesight.

  2. I feel the question, “how many hours a day are you in front of a computer?” Is a little too specific. My time at a “computer” is going down while my time spent on mobile devices is going up. Cell phones, tablet comptuers (like the iPad), even my TV is the same basic computer screen. I bet if the question, “how many hours are you in front of an LCD monitor, like cell phones and computer devices?” The numbers would be a lot higher.

  3. Frank Gilliano

    Yeah, my eye doctor recommended computer lenses with a different prescription to reduce potential eye strain, although I haven’t experienced it yet (and hopefully never will!).