New Keratoconus Treatment Options for Patients

Due to the fact that one of the specialties at Total Eye Care is keratoconus we see many patients with this condition.  We recently updated our patient information on keratoconus page to reflect some of the new technologies available to our patients such as;

  • Mini scleral lenses, which provide excellent vision like that of traditionally fit gas permeable lenses, however with markedly improved comfort.
  • Corneal collagen cross linking, though not yet FDA approved, is a new technology that I expect will be of a tremendous benefit to our patients.

2 responses to “New Keratoconus Treatment Options for Patients

  1. sir, my age is 16. i got short sight at my 11 year due to spending more time in watching TV.I knew about my eyesight that it is 5 for the both eyes with miner difference, at the last check up.Now i just spend 2 hours before my PC in random days still my sight is increasing with a maximum difference in eyes, some people say its because of not sitting in a proper manner.please give me a suggestion to the control eyesight.

  2. Thats some good summary on Keratoconus