Contact Lens Cases – An Often Overlooked Source of Eye Infections

When was the last time you replaced your contact lens case? Next to dirty hands contact lens cases are probably the most common source of bacteria that will contaminate your contact lenses.  The best time to replace your contact lens case is when you get a new bottle of contact lens solution, or better yet make the move to daily disposable contact lenses and skip the contact lens case and solutions altogether.

Contact lens casesTo prevent the contamination of your contact lens case the eye doctors at Total Eye Care recommend that you thoroughly rinse the entire empty contact lens case, including the lid or caps with tap water. Next air dry your case by placing it upside down on the counter.

6 responses to “Contact Lens Cases – An Often Overlooked Source of Eye Infections

  1. Some people ask for an extra case, which I gladly hand over to them!

  2. It’s amazing how some of the small things about contact wear can cause big problems if the standard regimen for cleaning skips a few steps.

  3. That is the reason why I don’t wear contact lenses… contact lenses are prone to contamination causing infection or irritation to the eye. If you will ask me what to chose between contact lenses and eye glasses for corrective purposes I still go with eye glasses. At least the maintaining it is a lot easier.

    • I would disagree that contact lenses are prone to infection. The wearing of contact lenses increases one’s risk of acquiring an eye infection much like having surgery increases a patient’s risk of getting an infection. Modern contact lenses, most notably the silicone hydrogel contact lenses such as CooperVision’s Biofinity, Acuvue’s Oasys, Ciba’s Night and Day and the Bausch & Lomb Purevision, greatly reduce the infection risk. Contact lenses though, even when worn as extended wear, are statistically still a safer option than refractive surgery. Frankly, for some people eyeglasses are a poor, but necessary option. It is good that we have a multitude of safe alternatives, but yes I must admit sometimes it’s just easier to throw some glasses on and hit the road in the morning.