Scanning Laser Technology Available for Patients With Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration

New technology now available at Total Eye Care allows us to scan a patient’s retina for glaucoma and macular degeneration, and the best part ….. it does it  WITHOUT DILATION! This new instrument is called the Zeiss Cirrus OCT and it is truly state of the art.

The Zeiss OCT uses infra-red light from a scanning laser to make a very high resolution, 3D image of the inside of your eye, much like that of an MRI. We can now identify retinal objects as small as 4 microns. So how small is 4 microns? A single sheet of 20 lb copy paper is 100 microns thick. This new technology allows us to detect glaucoma and macular degeneration much earlier as well as allowing us to detect and track subtle retinal changes.

Who is a candidate for this new technology? Anyone with a family or personal history of glaucoma, glaucoma suspect or macular degeneration should take advantage of this technology.

Call the Colleyville office at 817.416.0333 and let Rona or Kelsey know that you would like to take advantage of the new scanning laser technology right away.

3 responses to “Scanning Laser Technology Available for Patients With Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration

  1. I wonder if this just checks for damage from Glaucoma or also tells current pressure, and could be used for people allergic to Flourescien (sp?) drops. Sounds like great technology.

    • Mary,
      The Cirrus OCT checks for glaucoma damage by evaluating the thickness of the nerve fibers that feed into the optic nerve and also by making a 3D image of the optic nerve and then comparing subsequent images over time.

  2. I think I may have recently had that done. It sounds like a scan I had a few months ago and the images were amazing, and caused my IOH dx to change to a Glaucoma dx. But disappointed that it’s not a solution to my allergies to dyes to check my pressure. I know there is new technology for that too, just not available in Richmond VA. Thanks so much for the reply.