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LACRISERT® – an Option for Patients with Severe Dry Eye Syndrome

We now have LACRISERT® available in the office for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.  So far the results have been promising.  LACRISERT® is inserted inside your lower lid once or twice a day.  Lacrisert slowly releases supplemental tears to your eyes throughout the day.

Most patients have found that using the LACRISERT® once a day provides sufficient relief for most of the workday.  When the LACRISERT® has almost completely dissolved it tends to not stay trapped inside the lower lid, causing intermittent blurred vision.  A drop of artificial tears flushes out the last remnant restoring vision.

Please feel free to call the office to see if LACRISERT® may be an option for your dry eyes.

A New Dry Eye Medication Under Development

Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals announced promising results for patients that suffer from dry eye syndrome during Phase 2 of a new class of anti-inflammatory medications.  RX-10045, as it is now called, is a resolvin compound administered as an eye drop. In a 28 day study patients reported improved symptoms and the doctors reported a statistically significant improvement in the patients dry eyes.  The entire press release is available on the Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals website.  This is great news for patients that suffer from dry eyes.  This is one of many medications on the horizon for the pharmaceutical treatment of dry eyes.