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A New Dry Eye Medication Under Development

Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals announced promising results for patients that suffer from dry eye syndrome during Phase 2 of a new class of anti-inflammatory medications.  RX-10045, as it is now called, is a resolvin compound administered as an eye drop. In a 28 day study patients reported improved symptoms and the doctors reported a statistically significant improvement in the patients dry eyes.  The entire press release is available on the Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals website.  This is great news for patients that suffer from dry eyes.  This is one of many medications on the horizon for the pharmaceutical treatment of dry eyes.

April is the Start of Allergy Season

This time of year the April showers not only bring May’s flowers but itchy, runny and red eyes. With the increased rain, mold and pollen levels increase dramatically causing allergy sufferers to look like they were up all night.

Contact lens wearers seem to suffer the most. It’s hard to rub your eyes when you are wearing contacts. The good news is there are many good allergy drops available, so you don’t need to go without your contacts.

I would stay away from the over the counter drops such as Naphcon-A or Visine-A for allergies, etc. These drops contain medications that 15+ years ago were available by prescription only. In my experience, the old OTC allergy drops really aren’t all that effective. Today there are many prescription medications that do a much better job of controlling the redness and keeping our eyes from itching. Some of the current drops only need to be used once a day.